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Which Hand Does a Wedding Ring Go On?

Which Hand Does a Wedding Ring Go On?

When it comes to wedding traditions, the placement of the wedding ring is a symbolic gesture that carries significant meaning. But amidst the whirlwind of planning and excitement, many couples find themselves asking a simple yet crucial question: which hand does the wedding ring go on?

What is the significance of a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are more than just pretty bands; they’re symbols of everlasting love and unity. The circular shape represents never-ending commitment, and exchanging them during the ceremony seals the promises made. 

Passed down through generations, they connect couples to their heritage and proudly declare their marital status to the world. From cultural ties to cherished family heirlooms, wedding rings hold layers of meaning that make them essential in marriage traditions everywhere.

Wearing a wedding ring on the left hand

In Western cultures like those in the US and UK, people tend to wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their left hand. But why is this? It dates back to ancient Roman times when it was believed that the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand, known as the “vena amoris” or the “vein of love,” connected directly to the heart. 

Although nowadays with our advanced anatomy knowledge, we know that all of our fingers have veins connected to the heart, not just the fourth finger on the left hand. But the tradition still lives on for many people. 

Wearing a wedding ring on the right hand

In Eastern cultures like India, wedding ring customs take a different spin. Instead of the left hand, it’s all about the right hand. Why? Well, the right hand holds special significance in these cultures, symbolising auspiciousness and prosperity. 

Take Jewish traditions, for example, where placing the ring on specific fingers during ceremonies holds deep symbolic meaning, marking the solemnity and sanctity of the marriage bond. These unique customs add layers of cultural richness and significance to the age-old tradition of exchanging rings.

Wedding rings are a testament to partnership

At the heart of it, wearing a wedding ring is all about the special meaning it carries. Whether it’s on the left or right hand, the ring symbolises love, commitment, and the journey two people are starting together. It’s a constant reminder of the strong bond they share and the promise of a lifetime spent side by side. So, wherever you choose to wear it, let your wedding ring shine as a symbol of your enduring love and partnership.

Choosing your wedding ring 

Selecting the perfect wedding ring is an important moment and one that should be celebrated. We would suggest shopping for the ring together as a couple to create another special memory for you both.

Most people want their wedding ring to match their engagement ring, but not everyone. Opt for the same material to create a stunning visual, or lean into the mixed metal trend and choose mismatched colours for added character. Silver and rose gold look beautiful when paired and are a popular combination when it comes to jewellery.

The style of the ring is incredibly important, and not just for aesthetic reasons. The engagement ring and wedding ring tend to be worn on the same finger, and many overlook how they will sit together. If the engagement ring has a large stone, will the band of the wedding ring still sit flush, or will there be space between them? It’s essential that you consider shape and design as early as engagement ring shopping.

Bespoke wedding rings

However, if you have your heart set on the perfect engagement ring, or already have an engagement ring, then wedding bands can be custom-created to fit in every way. 

Our bespoke jewellery service lets you design your own wedding ring to fit seamlessly with the engagement ring. Not only does this ease the stress of finding a pair that fits, but it also gives you the opportunity to create something truly special and sentimental. Choose your material, finish, stones, design and style and you’ll receive the most incredible piece, entirely unique to your partnership.

Wedding rings at Aleks Jewellers

To learn more about our incredible bespoke jewellery service, book a consultation for our London Street store in Norwich, or give us a call on 01603 623754. Our team of jewellery experts will assist you in getting your custom jewellery journey started. 

For those not looking to design their own, we have a beautiful selection of wedding rings in-store and online in a range of materials, colours and designs to peruse. Simply step into our warm and welcoming store to see our jewellery, and our team will help in any way they can.

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