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Unlike traditional mining, the creation of lab-grown diamonds leaves a smaller environmental footprint, contributing to a greener future.


Opting for lab-grown diamonds means embracing sustainability without compromising on beauty and brilliance. It’s a sparkling choice for both you and the planet.


Lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic value for money. You get the same stunning quality as naturally mined diamonds but at a much more affordable price.

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Lab-grown diamonds are man-made in a laboratory, not mined from the Earth. They are physically the same as natural diamonds and using advanced tech, they replicate the conditions in the Earth where diamonds naturally form. These diamonds are a responsible and eco-friendly choice, avoiding the issues linked to traditional diamond mining. They provide a sustainable and affordable option with the same on quality and beauty.









Create your own unique lab-grown diamond jewellery with Aleks Jewellers. Imagine your perfect piece ā€“ whether it’s an engagement ring, necklace, or earrings. Our skilled artisans can bring your vision to life. Our custom design service not only delivers a one-of-a-kind piece reflecting your personality but also supports a sustainable and ethical jewellery industry.

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You can purchase lab-grown diamonds online and in store. For personalised guidance and support it’s best to book an appointment with one of our friendly jewellery experts. They will provide you with in-depth diamond knowledge to help select the right diamond for you. Whether you’re looking for some sentimental earrings, a delicate necklace or an engagement ring, we have a curated selection of lab diamond jewellery for you.

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Bespoke Design Process

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The first step is to discuss your ideas and what you’re looking for. You can either pop into our Norwich store or book an appointment using our online form to speak to one of our jewellery experts.

Step 2


After the consultation, we can create a CAD drawing that brings your vision to life. We can also gather a selection of high quality diamonds, mounts and settings for you to choose from.

Step 3


Our skilled jewellery makers will get to work creating your jewellery masterpiece. We can make any alterations and will make sure your jewellery is polished and ready to dazzle.

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    Discover Lab Diamond Jewellery


    Whether you’re looking for an engagement or wedding ring or a piece to celebrate a special moment, we have a wide range of lab-grown diamond rings to choose from.

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    Dazzle in eco-friendly elegance. Elevate your style with a lab-grown diamond necklace, sure to make a sustainable sparkle.

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    Adorn yourself in the brilliance of lab-grown diamond earrings – ethical, exquisite and always on point. Elevate your glam responsibly.

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    Wrap your wrist in conscious luxury. Our lab-grown diamond bracelets combine style and sustainability, making every shimmer a reflection of ethical elegance.

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    We answer your most common questions around lab diamonds.

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    Can you tell the difference between a natural and lab diamond?

    Lab-grown and mined diamonds look and are composed the same, with only slight differences in their growth processes. This doesn’t affect their quality and the only real way you can tell the difference is by checking the certificate and laser inscription.

    How are lab diamonds created?

    Lab-grown diamonds are created using two methods: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). In HPHT, a small diamond seed is exposed to high pressure and temperature, causing carbon to crystallise around it. CVD involves placing a diamond seed in a chamber with gas, leading to carbon deposition and diamond growth. Both methods create diamonds with the same properties as natural ones.

    Are lab-grown diamonds certified?

    All diamonds, no matter where they come from, should be graded based on the 4Cs, including lab-grown ones. It is always recommended to only buy diamonds that are certified, whether natural or lab-grown.

    What are the diamond 4C’s?

    The diamond 4Cā€™s refer to cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. It is the universal measure for a diamond’s quality and value. Carat is the size of the diamond, cut is how light enters and exits the diamond, colour refers to the absence of colour and clarity is how many imperfections are present.

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