Trust The Experts With Your Repair & Valuations Requirements

Expert Jewellery Repairers in Norfolk

We understand that it is important that your jewellery looks in the best condition as possible, that is why we make it our duty to help you get an old favourite looking and feeling brand new again.

Our highly skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths can make any repairs, remodelling or resizing that you need. With a great level of care and attention, your jewellery will be back to the its original elegance in no time. We also offer free annual cleaning and checks on newly purchased items for the first 5 years.

Our Services

  • Jewellery repairs

  • Jewellery cleaning

  • Jewellery remodelling

  • Ring resizing

  • Jewellery design and manufacturing


Jewellery Valuations

Getting the right valuation for your prized jewellery is extremely important.

At Aleks Jewellers, we give a fair value for your jewellery items and provide a report and schedule. We can also give you a valuation for quality Rolex watches you wish to sell.

We must also note, whilst your jewellery is in our care, it is extremely safe and fully insured. 


The Valuation Schedule

​A valuation schedule can be quite complex but below are a few abbreviations we commonly use and what they stand for. Our friendly staff will discuss this in further detail when you visit our store. 

  • NRV. stands for ‘New Replacement Value’

  • SHRV. stands for ‘Second-hand Replacement Value’

  • ARV. stands for ‘Antique Replacement Value’

  • FV. stands for ‘Facsimile Value’

  • CV. stands for ‘Compensation Value’